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Alaska Move to Amend

Alaska Move to Amend is a diverse, non-partisan group of Alaskans from all walks of life, who have come together to fight for a constitutional amendment to save our democracy.


We are an affiliate of the national organization “Move to Amend.” You can see their website here at While we each have our own individual political views, we all agree that a constitutional amendment should be passed to establish that Corporations should not enjoy any constitutional rights, and that the government should be able to enact reasonable, content neutral regulations on the amount of money that can be spent on elections and to lobby the government.


Read the text of our proposed constitutional amendment here. We are open to all people who share these values. We invite you to join with us in this worthy goal.


We have already achieved many successes in support of our overall goal.

  1. Passage of 23 resolutions of support by Anchorage area Community Councils

  2. Passage of a resolution of support by the Anchorage Assembly

  3. Passage of a resolution of support by the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly

  4. Passage of resolutions of support by many local organizations. See the full list elsewhere on this website

  5. Introduction and committee passage of a resolution of support in the Alaska Legislature

  6. Public presentation of numerous educational films and other materials relevant to our constitutional amendment

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