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Learn about the issues and what is being done.

Find out more.

Learn more about the issues surrounding the Move to Amend initiative and find out about our affiliates and supporters who are working hard to reach the same goals.

These organizations are working towards our common goals around the 28th Amendment.

and Share

Use these resources to learn more about the issues and understand main ideas that help to educate the public.

Get Move To Amend Swag

The national organization of Move to Amend has tons of items for sale to help get the word out.


of Support

705 communities and states have passed public resolutions, as of December, 2020 to secure sufficient legal signatures on an initiative petition. Learn more. . .


of  House Joint Resolution 48

This is the most current list of co-sponsors of the House Joint Resolution 48. See if your legislators are on the list—and if not, contact them, educate them, and encourage them to get on board.

The U.S. Constitution protects PEOPLE . . . not Corporations.

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